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Re: [Debconf-team] Final numbers

On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 9:30 AM, Richard Darst <rkd@zgib.net> wrote:
> That would make that set of scripts need to look at logging schema,
> which would be quite a modification as it is.  I can try to make a
> separate query to find these people and deal with them by some other
> method.

Right, I didn't mean that it had to be part of the same script.
Sending a separate mail on the topic would be actively better than
having a couple more lines in the existing mail.

> I guess the options are:
> (a) fix it now, revert all people who took advantage of it
> (b) fix it now, do nothing about people who took advantage of it
> (c) fix it now, do nothing about people who took advantage of it, make
>    an exception for DDs (since they were the only people who couldn't
>    take advantage of it)
> (d) fix it now, make an exception for anyone who wants to register
>    sponsored even if they didn't register before deadline.
> (either way, our exception agreed to at the meeting yesterday would
> stand separately from this.)
> I think (d) is too much, (a) is slightly less preferable for me than
> (b) or (c), but mainly because I don't want to have to both make more
> work and give bad news.

See my other mail in this thread.  I'd also note that anyone in the
core DebConf target audience (so at the very minimum reading d-d-a
mail) would have known about the deadline; it'd only be 'bad news' to
people who don't read d-d-a mail or the website or our other
announcements.  Even if we'd entirely forgotten to lock the
sponsorship fields, it would still be perfectly fair to enforce the
deadline.  I don't have time to dig out details, but already in the
past I remember us needing to check 'who had this status on the
relevant date' to get an accurate list.


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