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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debconf11-localteam] [Debconf-discuss] Ho Ho Ho

On 06/09/2011 04:16 PM, Nedim Skenderovic wrote:
> This is a very good deal, since most of people who would come would probably
> buy expandable SIM cards so they can stay in touch with LOCAL TEAM or
> friends for low costs. And this is a free offer that you can accept or not,
> nobody is forcing you.

I now understand specifically what is being offered, and what is being
offered sounds reasonable to me.

However, i hope that "this is a free [gratis] offer that you can accept
or not" does not become a sufficient rationale for Debconf-related

For example, were Apple to offer a gratis iPhone for all participants in
debconf12, i hope there would at least be a debate about having that as
part of the official sponsorship.  If that's not far enough for you,
what would you say about a gratis OEM Copy of Windows 7 Super Edition or
the latest copy of Mac OS X Smilodon for all participants?  Reasonable
sponsorship feature?  Please no.

Thanks Adnan for working out a reasonable offer with a friendly sponsor.

But there's no need to tell anyone to "chillax", to refer to raising
legitimate concerns as "going mental", or to protest about how many
bananas your country has :)  I'm sure debconf11 will go swimmingly.

Looking forward to July,


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