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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debconf-discuss] Ho Ho Ho

On 06/09/2011 12:58 PM, Adnan Hodzic wrote:
> If doesn't make your day I don't know what will.
> Our gold sponsor Mtel has decided to give *every* DebConf11 attendee a
> phone number and package along with it! I got too excited so I'm not
> sure I got it right but I think this is the package they mentioned:
> http://www.mtel.ba/menu/2265
> Comments? :)

Sorry, i don't really understand phone marketing, but i couldn't make
head or tails of that page (other than that the models looked very
excited to be not-talking to each other).

Is it saying that each attendee will get a mobile phone running an
all-free software stack?

Lest this post be 100% snark, let me be more concrete:

 a) not every participant in debconf uses a mobile telephone

 b) mobile telephony at the moment enjoys an extremely tenuous (if not
adversarial) relationship with the principles of free software (e.g. at
least in the US, i have yet to see a functional, fully-free phone, for
reasons i'm ill-equipped to explain).

 c) if debconf actively encourages the adoption of non-free tools, or
actively excludes users who do not adopt non-free tools, it would seem
to distance the conference from our mutually-held social contract.

I would love to be wrong about (b) above.



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