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Re: [Debconf-team] debconf11: please add sponsorship logo in debian.org site

On Tue, Jun 07, 2011 at 06:54:24AM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> > >   It would be nice if it was possible to have Debian sponsorship
> > >   logo on main debian.org site.
> > >   <http://media.debconf.org/dc11/sponsorlogos/sponsorship.png>
>  Also, I'd like to have some sort of informal ACK from our project
> leader: Having a fund raising button on our main page is setting a
> precedence, and debconf being still somewhat external to debian, so I
> rather would like to have some explicit ACK on whether this is
> considered acceptable and not getting us into shady areas.

Thanks Rhonda for bringing me into this loop.

At present, DebConf is way more integrated into Debian than in the past:
the main split remains in its technical infrastructure, but otherwise
DebConf can be seen as a proper Debian sub-projects, handled by project
delegates according to Constitution. So, on that front, I see no
particular problems.

Nevertheless I do share your concern about setting a precedent. While
right now Debian finances are in decent shape, I've pondered in the past
about a sponsorship button on the main Debian website as a last resort
measure in case we will ever need to collect donations at a high rate to
face some emergency. While I would see a sponsorship button warranted in
that case, I don't think that sponsoring DebConf warrants it. Why for
instance should we have a sponsorship button for it and not, say, for
the Sprint program which is mainly sponsored on "regular" Debian budget?
And why not put a button for sponsorship they day we'll need to buy an
expensive server for DSA ourselves? Individually, all these causes are
legitimate, but as a whole they seem to constitute a slippery rope.

I think this is a call for the WWW team, but given you asked my
feedback: my take is that we are better served by the sole "donations"
link which already is on the main page of our website.

On the other hand, considering the short time frame from now to the
conference, I'd have no problem in having a DebConf link (not mentioning
sponsoring) pointing to the DebConf website. Once the visitor reaches
debconf11.debconf.org, it's pretty obvious that there are sponsorship
opportunities and it's also immediately evident what some of the
benefits are (i.e. logos on the website).  It would be one link more,
but a saner choice, IMO.

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