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Re: [Debconf-team] debconf11: please add sponsorship logo in debian.org site

Stefano Zacchiroli dijo [Tue, Jun 07, 2011 at 08:54:23AM +0200]:
> (…)
> At present, DebConf is way more integrated into Debian than in the past:
> the main split remains in its technical infrastructure, but otherwise
> DebConf can be seen as a proper Debian sub-projects, handled by project
> delegates according to Constitution. So, on that front, I see no
> particular problems.
> Nevertheless I do share your concern about setting a precedent. While
> right now Debian finances are in decent shape, I've pondered in the past
> about a sponsorship button on the main Debian website as a last resort
> measure in case we will ever need to collect donations at a high rate to
> face some emergency. While I would see a sponsorship button warranted in
> that case, I don't think that sponsoring DebConf warrants it. Why for
> instance should we have a sponsorship button for it and not, say, for
> the Sprint program which is mainly sponsored on "regular" Debian budget?
> And why not put a button for sponsorship they day we'll need to buy an
> expensive server for DSA ourselves? Individually, all these causes are
> legitimate, but as a whole they seem to constitute a slippery rope.
> (…)

I agree with Stefano here. We have a quite visible donation link in
the debconf.org pages. I do not feel DebConf to be _so_ prominent
within Debian to warrant a donation link in the debian.org site itself
- Although yes, a link to DebConf from debian.org as suggested by
Holger would be nice IMO.

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