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Re: [Debconf-team] debconf11: please add sponsorship logo in debian.org site


 thanks for the fast response, I know myself that this is sometimes
tricky, but given that time is running against us here this is truly

* Stefano Zacchiroli <leader@debian.org> [2011-06-07 08:54:23 CEST]:
> On the other hand, considering the short time frame from now to the
> conference, I'd have no problem in having a DebConf link (not mentioning
> sponsoring) pointing to the DebConf website.

 Thanks for sharing the feelings. Actually, to be honest, this was
originally brought up by taffit, I just did wrote the email because
I share the sentiments too. :)

 Said that, moray mentioned yesterday that a "I'm going to debconf" kind
banner would fit better to get the idea over to people who aren't aware
(yet) what debconf might be, so what I did now on http://www.deb.at/
should still be improved on that grounds.

 Is someone able to make the time free to get in contact with one of the
artists to make this happen, the "I'm going" logos on the debconf wiki
are too high to fit as well into the site as the current button does.
Unfortunately I fear I won't be able to find the time to make this
happen myself properly, I should concentrate on other things these days.
Whoever takes this, it is truly appreciated!

 For those who might commit it afterwards, the corresponding file to
change would be webwml/english/template/debian/mainpage.wml rather at
the end. Just don't use the <visitsponsor/> alt text there, but leave it
in the css class sponsorbutton nevertheless.

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