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[Debconf-team] [pablo.duboue@gmail.com: sponsorship report]

----- Forwarded message from Pablo Duboue <pablo.duboue@gmail.com> -----

Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 12:21:53 -0500
Subject: sponsorship report
From: Pablo Duboue <pablo.duboue@gmail.com>
To: jimmy@debian.org

Hey Jimmy,

As it is uncertain I'll have good connectivity for today's global
meeting, here's what I would like to say:

* you and I met and nailed down the brackets, plus remaining issues
with the sponsorpack.
* bgupta is putting together a joint table of past years sponsorships.
He has officially joined the sponsors team :-)
* Been very busy with work and I'm running a little bit behind, hoping
to catch up this coming weekend.
* thanks for the quick creation of media.d.o/reports/, I think it is a
great addition to the site.

What is urgent right now is to contact Linux Magazine, I'm hoping to
take care of that today.

I'm still hoping to have our first round of contacts a month before
our previous global meeting.

Hopefully I'll be able to attend, but I don't want for the meeting to
lag because of my connection speed, so I can try to answer a short
question but for the info above you can just communicate it to the



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