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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf10 decision process?

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Gunnar Wolf escribió:
> José, please explain a bit into this: You are Venezuelan. I understand
> your recent contacts in Ecuador push you towards putting Quito as a
> possible bid. What is _your_ opinion regarding the Venezuela bid? Are
> you planning on joining the DC10 orga team whether it is in Venezuela
> or in Ecuador? 


I've been attending (and trying to cooperate where possible) DebConf
since DC6 in Oaxtepec. I've also been organizing and attending regular
nat'l and int'l events in Venezuela since 2005, where even some DDs were
invited and attended as speakers. I think I have a particularly good
idea about things needed in an int'l event of this type and size.

I was heavily involved with the Venezuelan DC8 Bid, in Puerto La Cruz,
and I learnt several things about the shortcomings of my country as a
convention host. By the time of the Venezuelan DC10 Bid, I was already
sure that working around those shortcomings wouldn't be easy in our
current state of things, so I decided not to support it.

I'll save my questions and opinions about this for the meeting, though.

If things get in a good shape for the Venezuelan DC10 bid (I'm not aware
of that happening, hopefully just because of lack of communication) I'll
try and help them out. For either .ve or .ec (or .us, for that matter)
hosting a DebConf would be a very nice thing, technically speaking.

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