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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf10 decision process?

Holger Levsen dijo [Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 05:50:22PM +0100]:
> First, I think we would be stupid (and very much debian-unlike) to
> reject a great bid just because it wasn't ready in time. Debian is
> famous to be ready when it's ready! :)

I agree with you on this point - Basing the decision just on the
formal timing would be a bit silly. And nobody (yet?) complained about
the Boston bid, also extemporary(sp?). Still, some of the people in
Boston are well known already (although not as DebConf organizers, but

Anyway... Please don't consider my last post in any way as a veto -
Heh, it would be _very_ hard to veto if I have not been active as an
organizer! :) Just as a point to pay attention to.

José, please explain a bit into this: You are Venezuelan. I understand
your recent contacts in Ecuador push you towards putting Quito as a
possible bid. What is _your_ opinion regarding the Venezuela bid? Are
you planning on joining the DC10 orga team whether it is in Venezuela
or in Ecuador? 

> Second, (much to my dismay) we dont plan to treat the far more important 
> deadline (when the location has to be decided) as seriously. In the DebConf10 
> talk at dc7 the general consensus was, that we will try to have decided by 
> march 1st, but latest at april 1st. And I'm convinced we won't go crazy for 
> fulfilling that timeline neither, if we dont match it "by chance anyway" :)

Well, we still plan on releasing Lenny by September, right?

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