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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf10 decision process?

> What decision process and timeline do people want for DebConf10?

So after read all the thread, for what I have understood there is 
planning to start again with a debconf monthly meeting (good idea)
and in the January meeting ask the bids for DebConf10 do a little
presentation of their candidatures. 

After this, what about doing 3 meetings? I would suggest the following:

- first two meetings people can ask prospective localteams questions about
their bids. I am suggesting 2 meeting to give the chance to everybody to
attend at least one.
- A third meeting when we make the decision using the same method with strong
and weak points that we used to choose between Argentina and Venezuela.
Somebody have a pointer to that list, btw?

Also, what about the bid of Quito, Ecuador? If we set a deadline in the past
to present bid and it is over, then I think it should be rejected.
If not, how do you people feel about it? 


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