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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf10 decision process?

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Gunnar Wolf escribió:
> The proposal looks interesting... But we do want at least the
> localteam head to have been already immersed into another DebConf. Not
> only so that this person (or group of people) knows what type of work
> and problems to expect, but for the team to know who this person they
> will be working with is.

Gunnar: thanks for your feedback.

As I was the one involved in originally proposing this bid, I believe I
can briefly tell you how we (the Quito Bid localteam) came up with this.

We started thinking about this in November 2008, where some of us had a
series of meetings with local business owners in the La Mariscal zone in

This is one of the most touristical zones in Quito, and there are lots
of hotels, hostels, restaurants and entertainment spots in this zone.
You can also find both locals and tourists here, so customer service
tends to be quite good.

They gave me a full review of Quito's (not only La Mariscal) great
capabilities for events and conventions, and at that moment they told me
they could try and figure a budget for an event such as DebConf. OTOH, I
started investigating about ISPs, and contacting locals.

On Nov 08, I held a couple of meetings with people from local FLOSS
communities and tried to gather interest in organizing a DebConf. At
that moment I thought there was no support or interest for Debian in
Ecuador, since most people I met with weren't Debian users.

This month, however, things started to look quite better. We had an
initial budget which was similar to that of DC6, ISPs got back to us
with interesting offerings, and lots of people from several local user
groups, including the Ubuntu LoCo Team, joined the bid. We also visited
the venue and tried to answer most of the LocationChecklist questions.

You can count 10+ people in the local team at this moment, out of which
only one is not FLOSS-related (a local marketing manager which, word has
it, used to work for SAP!) which I think is nice to start with.

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