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[Debconf-team] Some thought: Pentabarf

The pentabarf user interface sucks.  We did a lot of work this year,
to make it suck less, but it still suck.  I sent tons of mails to
people who hadn't filled in their information correctly.  Something
needs to be done about it.

These are my suggestions (which I might submit to rt if there's
consensus about them):

1) Remove unneeded tabs (availability is never used, links and
description can also be discarded).
2) Make "Show all" the default.
3) Make "I want to attend this conference" default to true.  This is
supposed to be a technical problem.  So, I suggest making it a
drop-down with "Yes", "No", "Maybe" and default to Yes.
4) Add links to more information where appropriate (what's the
assassins game, what's the planned daytrip, what are the proceedings).
5) Move "country" to the first tab.
6) Do not allow reconfirmation without dates.

All in all, I think that these ideas just make the problem slightly
less, instead of actually solving it.  I can't think of how to
actually solve the problem (which is: most people won't fill in all
the important data, unless you ping them over and over again), but it
would be nice if it were possible, so, if someone has a suggestion
that would help solve the problem, please make it now.

Also, from the admin side, there were lots of reports that I needed.
Most were done by sgran (THANKS), some where done by des (THANKS too),
and some by Ganneff (THANKS as well).  But I really felt crippled by
not being able to do the queries I wanted when I wanted them, and
having to have some of the admins work for me.  I think that a better
solution needs to be found for this.


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