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[Debconf-team] Inventory Report (20070614)

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Hi Team,

	I'm planning to keep inventory reports from time
to time so people know what's going on and can look for
if the info is missing on the wiki or I'm not available.

	A Benq projector was moved to the BoF room yesterday
by Enrico, he brought it back and today it seems it will be
permanently left in the BoF with a kensigton lock. Enrico
told me it is there but he needs to change the way it is

	We moved a 3Com switch to the NightVenue but we
brought it back, probably it is going to be moved again
today with some wireless equipment. fil's fluke and other
test tools were also used, not sure yet if it was returned.

	Monitors from fil move to two BoF rooms. mhy is also
maintaining a list of Switches deployed, there are info on
the wiki about Contextshift switches location.

	Kevin moved the small sound table to the lower BoF
room (or talk room?) for some tests, I also don't know if
it is going to stay there of should be returned by now.

	We need to tag some white monitors from fil that
don't have hands.com label. Somebody also recommended to
label the 3Com hubs/switches.

****REMEMBER*****: we _DON'T_ keep track of cables and power
bars, although all (should be all, if there are some of them
not labeled let me know) DebConf7 power bars are labeled with
two circular red stickets. There are also lots of ALL->UK
adaptors being used without any track of it. Another thing
are the tools, toolboxes are easier to track but invidual
tools aren't, so try to use and return them to the Server

	Anything else that should appear on the lists or
that should be inventoried but are not, please, let me know,
either by e-mail, IRC or in-real-life. ;)

	Kind regards,
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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
"Debian. Freedom to code. Code to freedom!"
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