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[Debconf-team] Minutes 20070615

Sorry, the minutes I took during the meeting were eaten by buggy suspend
in the kernel on my laptop.  Please follow up with anything important
I've forgotten.  From memory:

 - Most things seem to be going tolerably well.

 - We have wirless link to the night venue which seems to be passing
   packets.  Need to test routing but this is expected to work.
 - Debian Day looks all set to go.  Some last minute panics and some
   final setup (eg, putting out chairs) but good.

 - 100 proceedings have been produced (modulo failurers), need more
   plastic covers to do the other 100.

 - Proper bags haven't turned up but the contents have.  Will pack some

 - Need projectors for two rooms including lower talk room and more
   light in the lower talk room.


 - Phil to look into signs to put round town directing people to the

 - Safir to organise people to go to the airport and direct people to
   Teviot.  Possibly also from Waverly (depending on people/rain).

 - Separate front desk for Debian Day and Debconf, will need to bounce
   people between them.

 - Debian Day people get a write in name badge and if they ask wireless
   access.  We should try to collect name/e-mail information from them
   for tracking of registration effectiveness and possible mailshots.

 - Sledge to cover front desk all day (broonie will help for most of the
   day too).

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