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[Debconf-team] Minutes 20070614

 - Most things still working.

Wireless link to night venue:

 - Have kit in turret in Teviot but the nearest power socket has failed.

 - Don't have access to the windows we thought we did in the Forest.
   We're rigging up an alternative solution.

 - Do have the DSL link anyway.

Night venue:

 - See faw's report to the list.

 - Power & cable shortage.

 - Proper network setup to be done.

 - Steve Gran will call Kevin to see where the keys are to see if we can
   open the night venue tonight.


 - Second hacklab is being set up; partially working - main issue is
 - We will need to move the upstairs hacklab tomorrow.  Plan is to kick
   people out of the existing hacklab tomorrow morning.
 - We need to take care to ensure that the cabling and distribution of
   equipment in the DebConf hacklabs.

 - Current plan is to put *no* wired access in the Middle Bar.

 - Need more tables in the Middle Bar - plan is to ask Kev to speak to
   Teviot about getting some set up.

 - Loft bar is usable for hacking but only when the bar is open so it
   can't be locked up.


 - Now have some projectors.  Need to set them up and test them
   tomorrow - video team to do this since they need to test video

 - Sound: video team talked to the ents people, audio setup seems to be
   pretty much sorted.
 - Need chairs downstairs.


 - Need to start getting everything together; we have some bags so we
   can start off using those and then drop into the proper ones when
   they are delivered.

 - Some of the O'Reilly delivery 

 - Proceedings have been printed and will be bound today/tomorrow

 - T-Shirts have arrived in Heathrow and are currently in customs.
   Still waiting for our pseudo TURN number.  Hopefully we will get the
   T1000 and T-Shirts in the immediate future.

 - If we don't give the shirts away we need to "destroy" them.


 - We have had a small number of people turning up without having
   reconfirmed and so not having badges.

 - Open day is tomorrow.  Visitors *should* be going to the cafe only
   unless accompanied.

 - Please hand receipts for *valid*, *pre-approved* expenses to Neil as
   promptly as possible.

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