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Re: [Debconf-team] Team Rota

On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 07:38:32PM +0100, Kevin Campbell wrote:
>Ok, a quick note of what was discussed earlier.
>We need two separate rotas, it's clear that just one person isn't
>working. We're going to split into the following.
>    * On-call orga team member
>        Needs to be on-site. Should only be off-site should situations
>         arise.
>        Phone number to be left with front desk and with teviot staff
>        Escalations go via this person to other members of the orga team
>         as appropriate. They need contact details for all other
>        Should check teviot at close time and ensure that everything is
>         tidied up and all people are out of the building
>    * Front desk receiption
>        Issue food tokens
>        Hand out delegate badges
>        Check authenticity for people who aren't listed
>        Point of contact for arriving attendees, can point people where
>         they need to go
>        Need to take things seriously - dealing with reasonalby large
>         sums of money. Problems will arise if mistakes are made, eg:
>         a full set of food tokens costs us > 100 GBP
>Daniel Baumann and Ralph Amissah have kindly offered to man the desk
>for some time. We need more trust worthy people who can handle this.

Yup, agreed.

My suggestion (just discussed with Kevin IRL): 7-hour sessions are
much too long - people will get bored, and won't want to miss an
entire night out (for example). If we drop it to 3- (or even 2-) hour
sessions then it means we need more people to cover, but nobody really
misses out.


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