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[Debconf-team] Team Rota

Ok, a quick note of what was discussed earlier.

We need two separate rotas, it's clear that just one person isn't
working. We're going to split into the following.

    * On-call orga team member
        Needs to be on-site. Should only be off-site should situations
        Phone number to be left with front desk and with teviot staff
        Escalations go via this person to other members of the orga team
         as appropriate. They need contact details for all other
        Should check teviot at close time and ensure that everything is
         tidied up and all people are out of the building

    * Front desk receiption
        Issue food tokens
        Hand out delegate badges
        Check authenticity for people who aren't listed
        Point of contact for arriving attendees, can point people where
         they need to go
        Need to take things seriously - dealing with reasonalby large
         sums of money. Problems will arise if mistakes are made, eg:
         a full set of food tokens costs us > 100 GBP

Daniel Baumann and Ralph Amissah have kindly offered to man the desk
for some time. We need more trust worthy people who can handle this.
I'll get the other issues discussed posted shortly.

Please can you update the wiki Rota with availability.


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