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[Debconf-team] Inventory, 1st round (was: Re: Venue Updates)

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On 06/09/2007 09:23 PM, debconf-team-bounces@lists.debconf.org wrote:
> We will be taking inventory tomorrow of all equipment in the server
> room. If you want to move things in or out of there you need to speak to
> myself or Feilipe.

Hey everybody,

	This is a first round of things we are trying to keep
track of, there are two important things here: (1) check if
your stuff is listed here and (2) check if your stuff is
correctly marked as being yours. We will tag everything that
belongs to DebConf to avoid confusion. Almost everything else
already have tags, if don't, please find me so we can figure
out the best way to solve it.

	We are not checking cables and probably tools would
be hard to follow closely, so we should have a box (or a set
of boxes) to keep tools inside. Probably there are a lot of
stuff that I'm not sure what it is or where it will be used,
so I will need help to find out. ;)

 * Core Network and Servers (mostly Server Room)
   * DebConf:
	- 03 switches HP 24p (NOTAG)
	  + Stage at the main room
	- 01 HP Printer
	- 01 VoIP phone
	- 03 blue switches FSM726

   * Ben Hutchings (no special tag)
	- 05 servers Intel Xeon (mickey, daffy, tom, jerry, donald)
	  + 03 for Video
	  + 02 for whatever

	- Switch D-Link 24p
	- 60 DVDs Boxes
	- A lot of CDs

   * Context Shift:
	- 01 Switch Gb
	  + Stage at the main room
	- 04 19" Wide Screen Yurak
	- 01 IGB Cluster Node
	- 02 3Com 24p
	- Thin Clients

   * Freifunk (label: freifunk.net)
	- 04 WRT54G
	- 02 Asus
	- ?? Fonera
	Holger, told me there are more 14 on the way, but I did not
	list them here until we actually got them on the venue.

   * Mark Hymers (label: mhy@debian.org)
	- Acco (WB605)
	- Acco (LP35H5)

   * Philip Hands (label: hands.com)
	- 01 switch Cisco 24p
	  + Table at the main room

	- 06 distributions panels (12 sockets) (+1)
 	  + 02 in server room
	  + 03 in main room

	- 01 fluke
	- 07 walktalks
 	  + 05 silver and 02 blacks
	- 01 Brother Label Maker
	- 01 USB Smart Card Reader

 * Desktop related stuff

   * Philip Hands (label: hands.com)
	- 14 Monitors Fujitsu/Siemens
	- 09 Dell Desktops (+01)
	- 04 HPs Desktop (+04)
	- 14 Keyboards (maybe more)
	- 14 Mice (maybe more)
	- 09 USB->PS2 Cables

 * Video/Audio equipment

   * Herman (label: herman -- yellow)
	- HDTV (Panasonic)
	- RODE Microphone + BOX (notag)
	- 01 tripod

   * pixie (label: pixie)
	- Camera Canon MV901

 * Stuff identified without owner:

	- 01 Monitor Benq FP882 (owner found)
	- 01 VCR
	- 01 tripod

	It is on the wiki, I'm sending it to the list to get
faster replies and locate hardware faster. We are interested
in hardware being lent to DebConf not to hardware that you
will use (but it is advised to have some form/sort/way to
identify which is yours). So, you don't need to label your
own keyboard, but if you brought 20 keyboards and are
planning to get them back, we will need to have some ID/label/
tag on it.


	Yes, there is much more stuff, specially on the server
room, I'm going to ID it in a few minutes, another updated info
in a few hours. All DebConf stuff gots a red circle sticker. I
also know that mhy and Context Shift has much more stuff than it
is listed right now.

	Kind regards,

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