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[Debconf-team] Venue Updates


Just a quick check in to keep people up to date.

We have full access to the second venue now, excluding the roof access
for putting a wireless link. We cannot use the upstairs hall at night
until next week.

The ground floor room we aquired has some extra furniture in there just
now which will be moved. The room is also in use at present as an office
by braille net during the day, on an ad-hoc basis. Please be careful
with the equipment in there at present!

We will be taking inventory tomorrow of all equipment in the server
room. If you want to move things in or out of there you need to speak to 
myself or Feilipe. 

Badges and food vouchers will be printed tomorrow morning. Delegates
will need to get them from our reception on arrival. I'll be manning our
reception from tomorrow. Not sure how this is going to materialise, I'll
post on the rota issue shortly.

Food tomorrow is two sittings, 12-2.30 lunch, 17.00-19.00 dinner. The
bar will be open from 3pm until 10pm. Please do not bring your own beer
in, you need to purchase from the bar.


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