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Re: [Debconf-team] better schedule info needed

On 11038 March 1977, Jon Dowland wrote:

> What I really wanted was some kind of calandar-like view of the two
> weeks and what fits where. I was also interested in a full list of the
> talks that I could print out: unfortunately the page at /~joerg/ prints
> badly and runs to a LOT of pages.

I think the visitor system has that for you, at least partly. We should
look at it this weekend.

Something to print, I think the pentacards could be a start for
it. Short description of event, the day and the room on it. Ping me on
IRC and we look at it in detail.

> 	* ordering the stuff at /~joerg/ by the day/time that the talk
> 	  is taking place and including that info into the summary would
> 	  be very useful

Tincho may be able to change the script that generates it, if I give him
the right input data. Will talk to him when Im back home.

> An example of a conference schedule that I found useful for planning is
> <http://www.ukuug.org/events/linux2006/programme/timetable.shtml>

> Who is looking after this?

Those who ask for? :)

bye Joerg
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