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Re: [Debconf-team] Please drop "Supporting non-free drivers/firmware during installation"


On Wednesday 30 May 2007 02:42, Frans Pop wrote:
> I am very sorry to have to do this so shortly before the start of Debconf,
> but with the new developments regarding the conflict between Sven Luther
> and me

Repeating lies/wrong statements over and over makes them stick. This (and 
probably that you just wanted to get the message below through) is the only 
explaination I have for this wrong over-simplification. That conflict is not 
about "Svenl and you", it's about many people in Debian and Svenl.

Sorry to "make noise" about this here too, but I'm completly sick of this and 
Svenls parallel world he calls "reality", so I felt obliged to make this 
point here.


> I very much doubt I will have the energy and motivation to 
> properly prepare my BoF "Supporting non-free drivers/firmware during
> installation".

*sigh*, but I fully understand.

Looking forward to see you in Edinburgh!


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