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[Debconf-team] Questions for bid teams: National Transportation

Hi team,

I wish that everyone accepts this mail as one written with best intentions
meant. A lot of the under required information is already present on your
pages, but still...

Since this time around we have all proposed veunes outside capital cities
we need to have detailed information on national transportation services.
This includes precise and up to date present timetables and ticket prices
for bus, train or plane lines. Having maps in your bid pages would help.
At this time, non-detailed maps with the distances between Entry Points
and Venues (like entry airports and venues) are preferred to be in the
wiki, so that we all have a clearer picture. It is very important to know
exact time/price needed to reach proposed venue locations. Again, I am not
refering to sponsored transportation, this can be worked out later, just
plain transportation at one's disposal at present in your countries. It
would be excellent if Team Argentina could make the decision on which
venue to bid with in very near future, since it is much easier to jugde
conditions based on a single location and makes much more sense. As you
may all know, travel time is of utmost importance when you are coming from
across the oceans. We need to know exactly what we are dealing with here.
Thank you and keep up the good work!


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