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Re: [Debconf-team] Venezuela: Travel Info and Satellite Images of Hotel

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Moray Allan escribió:
>> Most countries don't require Visa for visit Venezuela, there's [WWW]a
>> list of countries that do need[Spanish] 
> That (http://www.mipunto.com/venezuelavirtual/000/001/005/002.html)
> doesn't seem to be a full list -- it notes itself (in Spanish), "From
> Asia: all except Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan [need visas]"; the list of
> countries that do *not* require a visa which it links to
> (http://www.mipunto.com/venezuelavirtual/000/001/005/003.html) doesn't
> include out of European Union countries alone
> Bulgaria
> Cyprus (Chipre)
> Slovakia (Eslovaquia)
> Slovenia (Eslovenia)
> Estonia
> Greece (Grecia)
> Hungary (Hungría)
> Latvia (Letonia)
> Malta
> Poland (Polonia)
> Portugal
> Czech Republic (República Checa)
> Romania (Rumania)
> But perhaps the list is out of date, can you find this information on an
> official government website?

There's a list[1] (government website) of countries that do NOT need
visa, and all the countries of your list are listed.

>> ( Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia don't need it already).
> Do you mean that the rules have changed since that list was made?

Yes, this countries are part of CAN and it's used the Andean
Passport[2]. In wikipedia says Venezuela will no longer issue this
passport but there's no official communicate about this (and this
passport is very new, so I doubt will no longer exists).

[1] http://www.mre.gov.ve/metadot/index.pl?id=2871&isa=Category&op=show
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andean_passport
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