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Re: [Debconf-team] Questions for bid teams: National Transportation

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Safir Secerovic escribió:
> Hi team,
> I wish that everyone accepts this mail as one written with best intentions
> meant. A lot of the under required information is already present on your
> pages, but still...
> Since this time around we have all proposed veunes outside capital cities
> we need to have detailed information on national transportation services.
> This includes precise and up to date present timetables and ticket prices
> for bus, train or plane lines. Having maps in your bid pages would help.
> At this time, non-detailed maps with the distances between Entry Points
> and Venues (like entry airports and venues) are preferred to be in the
> wiki, so that we all have a clearer picture. It is very important to know
> exact time/price needed to reach proposed venue locations. Again, I am not
> refering to sponsored transportation, this can be worked out later, just
> plain transportation at one's disposal at present in your countries. It
> would be excellent if Team Argentina could make the decision on which
> venue to bid with in very near future, since it is much easier to jugde
> conditions based on a single location and makes much more sense. As you
> may all know, travel time is of utmost importance when you are coming from
> across the oceans. We need to know exactly what we are dealing with here.
> Thank you and keep up the good work!
> Regards,
> Safir

We have collected information regarding this in our wiki[1].

Bus travel is between USD $ 17,44 - 19,53 round-trip from Caracas to
Puerto La Cruz. More info about Bus Travel[2]

Plane Trave from Caracas to Barcelona (near to Puerto La Cruz) is
between USD $ 139,64 - 258,82. More info about Plane Travel[3]. Prices
are approximations for high season.

We will collect more info and put it in our wiki. You can check other
info regarding our proposal there[4]

[4] https://debconf.org.ve/wiki

P.S. Sorry my bad English.
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