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Re: [Debconf-team] DC8: comparative flight prices

Moray Allan dijo [Sat, Jan 06, 2007 at 06:59:45PM +0000]:
> Neil was looking at flight prices to get to Argentina/Venezuela and is
> planning to post them here, so I checked the situation for travel from
> Edinburgh.

Good - I'm doing the same exercise departing from Mexico and the major
US airports I know of (JFK, Los Angeles, Miami). Also quoted from
Expedia (.com, not .co.uk), same dates (I guess you meant 2007). I'm
just reporting the two cheapest options of each category with
different airlines (I mean, not optimizing by time). And I know there
_are_ cheaper lines (i.e. the budget Mexico-Argentina route is using
LAB, via Bolivia, but it's not a surprise LAB is not listed in Expedia
:) )


MEX-BOG-CCS (Avianca): US$624, 7hr 10min
MEX-CCS (Mexicana): US$657, 4hr 40min

JFK-BOG-CCS (Avianca): US$684, 8hr 5min
JFK-IAH-CCS (Continental): US$687, 15hr 55min

LAX-BOG-CCS (Avianca): US$574, 15hr 45min
LAX-PTY-CCS (COPA): US$597, 10hr 13min

MIA-BOG-CCS (Avianca): US$513, 5hr 20min
MIA-CCS (American Airlines): US$544, 2hr 15min

Buenos Aires (no flights available to MDQ):

MEX-IAH-EZE (Continental): US$842, 12hr 55min
MEX-PTY-EZE (COPA): US$924, 11hr 23min

JFK-GRU-EZE (TAM): US$810, 15hr 35min
JFK-EZE (Aerolineas Argentinas): US$846, 9hr 55min

LAX-SCL-EZE (LAN): US$956, 15hr 35min
LAX-SAL-LIM-EZE (TACA): US$956, 15hr 50min

MIA-EZE (Aerolineas Argentinas): US$846, 7hr 35min
MIA-GRU-EZE (TAM): US$848, 14hr 45min


MEX-MIA-SCL-MDZ (American Airlines): US$860, 14hr 45min
MEX-SCL-MDZ (LAN): US$1214, 8hr 50min

JFK-SCL-MDZ (LAN): US$1008, 16hr 55min
JFK-MIA-SCL-MDZ (American Airlines): US$1188, 13hr 35min

LAX-SCL-MDZ (LAN): US$1124, 15hr 45min
LAX-SCL-MDZ (American Airlines): US$1203, 15hr 40min

MIA-SCL-MDZ (LAN): US$909, 10hr 55min
MIA-SCL-MDZ (American Airlines): US$990, 9hr 20min


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