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[Debconf-team] DC8: comparative flight prices

Neil was looking at flight prices to get to Argentina/Venezuela and is
planning to post them here, so I checked the situation for travel from

Flight prices and outgoing journey lengths from expedia.co.uk, for
Saturday 2006-09-07 to Sunday 2006-09-22:


EDI-CDG-CCS: £653.70 ('Expedia special price', next price £690)
24hr 40min
EDI-CDG-CCS: £749.40 (choosing flights for a shorter journey)
12hr 50min
GLA-LHR-MAD-CCS: £724.00  
31hr 10min

Then need onward travel to BLA (can't find through-bookable flights).


Mar de Plata:

EDI-LHR-BCN-EZE: £765.40  
22hr 35min
EDI-CDG-EZE: £902.80 (choosing flights for a shorter journey)
17hr 35min
GLA-MAD-EZE: £765.40  
21hr 55min

Then need onward travel to MDQ after changing airport.


EDI-CDG-SCL-MDZ: £729.00
28hr 10min

EDI-CDG-SCL: £812.60 ('Expedia special price', next price £849)
17hr 55min
GLA-AMS-CDG-SCL: £724.00  	
19hr 45min


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