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[Debconf-team] We have a phone number!

Ok, I got our phone number in Mexico City, thanks to NeoCenter - It
is (+52-55)8590-9000. This is NeoCenter's main line; we will have
extension numbers 1000-1004. Extension 1000 will be a wildcard (all of
our phones will ring), and 1001-1004 will be for each of our areas (we
will decide which phone goes where later).


Gunnar Wolf - gwolf@gwolf.org - (+52-55)5623-0154 / 1451-2244
PGP key 1024D/8BB527AF 2001-10-23
Fingerprint: 0C79 D2D1 2C4E 9CE4 5973  F800 D80E F35A 8BB5 27AF

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