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Re: [Debconf-team] late registration

Paul Brossier dijo [Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 05:26:43PM +0200]:
> hi all,
> i have mostly succeeded in disappearing from the surface of the planet
> in the last 3 months. i finally start seeing the end of my phd tunnel,
> only to realise how late i am. 
> i should have confirmed my presence to debconf almost a month ago, at
> which point i was very unsure of being able to free enough time. i now
> know that i can come, and a sponsorship to reach Mexico strengthen my
> motivation to cross the pond from Paris.
> but since i didn't confirm in time, i should now pay for hosting and
> food. i am very short moneywise at the moment, so i could not afford
> that. so i ask you: should i come with my hammock and hope i can get
> some left overs? or should i quickly withdraw my presence so other
> people can benefit from this sponsorship? 

Hi Paul,

I fear we cannot help you much right now - This is not because we are
a strictly bureaucratic group, but because we are simply very tight on
money. Many other people have requested us similar help, and we just
cannot provide for it.

Lodging at Oaxtepec, however, is very cheap - If you stay with other
people, a room will be at about US$10 a night, and food will be about
another US$10. Please get in touch with sponsorship@debconf.org so you
can be arranged in a spare bed with other people.

We cannot lodge you at a hammock - We are staying at a hotel, and they
will charge for the amount of people we have, even if you just sleep
on the grass.


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