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[Debconf-team] late registration

hi all,

i have mostly succeeded in disappearing from the surface of the planet
in the last 3 months. i finally start seeing the end of my phd tunnel,
only to realise how late i am. 

i should have confirmed my presence to debconf almost a month ago, at
which point i was very unsure of being able to free enough time. i now
know that i can come, and a sponsorship to reach Mexico strengthen my
motivation to cross the pond from Paris.

but since i didn't confirm in time, i should now pay for hosting and
food. i am very short moneywise at the moment, so i could not afford
that. so i ask you: should i come with my hammock and hope i can get
some left overs? or should i quickly withdraw my presence so other
people can benefit from this sponsorship? 

sorry for wasting your time,
greetings, paul

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