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Re: [Debconf-team] reconfirmation mail revisited

Thomas Bliesener dijo [Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 08:31:14AM -0500]:
> Gunnar Wolf schrieb am 2006-04-24:
> > Hmm... Patricio didn't confirm :-/ He registered, but didn't confirm.
> If you register short before the end of registration, you don't get the
> idea neither the mail to confirm your recent registration. Perhaps
> there a some more people who still don't know that they are without
> accomodation.
> This could be done better next time. To avoid confusion and race
> conditions the registration and confirmation periods shouldn't end at
> the same time.

Hmmm... You have sort of a point - But I'm voiding it for a single
reason: There is no limit on the registration point (other than the
end of Debconf itself, of course). We accept people after the
confirmation period, only we don't pay for their stay.

...But you are right, a prominent notice should have appeared to
people in Patricio's case :( Still, the majority (41 out of 78) that
registered at or after March 31 did specify their confirmation.


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