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Re: [Debconf-team] budget not up2date?

On Tuesday 18 April 2006 22:36, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Do we really need that sound equipment? We have not asked for sound
> stuff to anybody, as we (at least I) completely forgot about it.

Nadeshda took at least pictures of it and gave me a list of available audio 

> The 
> work rooms are quite small and sound is only needed for you video
> people - I thought you had it covered. 

Aehm, its not "only" for the video people. It's for the people sitting at home 
for whom we want to try to give them better audio than at debconf5. (Which 
was ok, but not as good as we would want it.)

> Are the camera built-in 
> microphones definitively out of the question? Half-decent microphones
> that can be bought in an electronics shop are too underpowered? I will
> ask around, but I doubt I can get much.

It's not only that, they also have audio "desks" (aka mixers), which we would 
like to use. We should definity use the audio system in the parlamentary 
tower (to be able to use their speakers etc.) - in the smaller conferences 
rooms for the workshops and BoFs built-in microphones might be sufficient, 
though this really depends on the background noise as well. 

For the big auditorium I would definitly suggest "professional" audio 

> I think that in general renting stuff in Oaxtepec is more expensive
> than what it's worth... I might be grossly mistaken, of course.

Maulkin thought it was reasonable.

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