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[Debconf-team] beta1 proceedings available


I just uploaded the first beta version of the proceedings.

I still call it beta, since I still miss two promissed papers (the
OpenSolaris one and the Debian Debugging Debacle one), and haven't added
the cover and back (IIRC we used a sepperate file for those laste year
anyway, since we were printing them in colour on different paper).

It's available at
http://people.debian.org/~tolimar/debconf-6/proceedings/ and via svn
from svn.debian.org/debconf6-data/proceedings/.

If you would like to spend some time proofreading, now would be a good
point ;)

Stuff that needs to be done:
- proof read the credits; they were written by a lazy, tired german guy,
  who doesn't speak good english
- proof read all the other texts (especially "releasing in time - etch
  in Decemb er 06", the author is german, too and asked for some non
  en_DE speaking to do some proof reading)
- check typesetting (are tables and other stuff printed correctly?
  Nothing written into the border?)
- special characters (like ~ in URLs, $ and _ are also sometime
  problematic in LaTeX)
- references; while compiling LaTeX keeps on telling me something about
  undefined references, which means somewhere in that document someone
  tried to reference a section which isn't named... so somewhere you'll
  find "Please see chapter" and then nothing, since the refernce is
  missing ;)

Stuff which still needs to be done before printing:
- change colours of URLs and jumpmarks to black
- add copyright and license Information
- add late submitted papers
- move unsubmitted papers to the BoF section
- Hmm... some small introducing words at the start would be fine... but
  they are long enough as they are, so I may just leave them, as they

Yours sincerely,

PS: I asked previously to not comitt to svn directly while I'm working
on it; I heardby revoke that, feel free to do so.

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