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Re: [Debconf-team] procedings

Alexander Schmehl dijo [Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 01:31:02PM +0200]:
> Hi!
> Some of you might have noticed a new folder in the -data svn called
> "procedings".  As you might expect it contains the procedings ;)
> They are nearly ready to go to print; some papers are still missing (of
> which some asked for more time, some other speakers are just black
> holes).
> (...)

Ok, great job! So, right now we have 106 pages. I suppose we will be
printing this in half-letter format, just as last year, right? About
the seven missing papers, how many have you contacted the authors for?
How many does your crystal ball say we will be missing in the end?
Having most other papers in the 5-10 page range (although some are
certainly shorter), we look at least at 150 printed pages. About the
BoF sessions, do you think on just printing the list of names and
authors, or the abstract for each of them? We have 22 proposals, and
the abstracts average 815 bytes each - Maybe setting two or three per
page would be right? This makes it 157 or 161 pages. I don't have my
DC5 proceedings here, how long was it? I have the impression it was
half the size at most, am I _so_ far off?

I would like to add a "credits" section, not too long (2-3 pages),
detailing the work that goes into a DebConf, maybe even briefly
explaining what Debconf wants to be and how it is made - The
proceedings are important material to show to prospective sponsors and
to friends who want to know what you did while you were away :) 

> Most important thing I need to know:  Deadline!  When will they go to
> print?  How much time may I spend on beautifying?  Could one of the
> local team please enlighten me?  And what about the artwork for front
> and backcover?

We should have this information by tomorrow.

About the artwork: As last year, I think it would be the same as what
we print on the shirts. Which will be ready for the next Monday


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