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Re: [Debconf-team] procedings


* Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> [060412 03:35]:

> Ok, great job!

Thanks.  Thanks to Google and Ganneff for helping with that, too ;)

> So, right now we have 106 pages. I suppose we will be printing this in
> half-letter format, just as last year, right?

Oh, good, that reminds me, that I forgot to ask you for the paper
format ;)

> About the seven missing papers, how many have you contacted the
> authors for?

All have been contacted, most of them answered ;)

> How many does your crystal ball say we will be missing in the end?

Status of the missing papers:
- Experiences with large CDD-installations:
  the paper is nearly ready, just needed to be texified, which should be done by this evening;
  An OOo Version is available and Knut asked it to pe proof readed:
  Currently 16 pages long, should be shorter in LaTeX
- Debian's Debugging Debacle: the Debrief:
  No direct answer yet, but h01ger said, AJ is aware of it, and will
  submitt something soon; will try to catch AJ and helix on irc

- The X Community -- History and Directions by Keith Packard
  paper submitted got submitted in the meantime, but only as pdf.  We asked
  for a latex or plain text version; 8 pages

- Ubuntu annual report by Mark Shuttleworth
  Most likely he / they won't submitt a paper in time, so this talk is
  most likely to be demoted to a BoF session

- Debian and the Law: Selected Legal Topics for the Developer by Gregory
  No answer to the e-mails, yet.  Nothing heard; anyone knew, if he's on
  irc / im / whatever?

- GPLv3 and Debian by Don Armstrong
  Paper is ready (IIRC), current size 7 pages

- OpenSolaris and Debian: Can we be friends? by Simon Phipps and Alvaro
  Lopez Ortega
  Uh, they didn't knew about the papers and didn't got any mails;
  probaly our fault - could it be, that we sent the reminders only to
  talks, but not to workshops or round tables?

> Having most other papers in the 5-10 page range (although some are
> certainly shorter), we look at least at 150 printed pages.

Uhm... it might that we end up with more than that.  E.G. I completly
forgot h01gers paper about the video stuff, but think that's important
enough to be in the procedings.

> About the BoF sessions, do you think on just printing the list of
> names and authors, or the abstract for each of them?

Depends; I thought that abstacts would be fine, too.  But if that get's
too long, I think I'll remove them and just stay with authors and

> This makes it 157 or 161 pages. I don't have my
> DC5 proceedings here, how long was it? I have the impression it was
> half the size at most, am I _so_ far off?

112 pages last year.  Not half the size, but still not that many.

> I would like to add a "credits" section, not too long (2-3 pages),
> detailing the work that goes into a DebConf, maybe even briefly
> explaining what Debconf wants to be and how it is made - The
> proceedings are important material to show to prospective sponsors and
> to friends who want to know what you did while you were away :) 

That's an good idea!  I missed that last year, but didn't had the time
for that this year.

Could you do that?  It would be then placed just at the begining of the

Hmm... if anyone has some other usefull ideas on how to save pages, that
would be the time to tell them ;)

[ Deadline ]
> We should have this information by tomorrow.
> About the artwork: As last year, I think it would be the same as what
> we print on the shirts. Which will be ready for the next Monday
> meeting. 

Fine, fine.  And don't forget the "Sponsored by..." page with all the
logos for the backcover.

Yours sincerely,


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