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[Debconf-team] procedings


Some of you might have noticed a new folder in the -data svn called
"procedings".  As you might expect it contains the procedings ;)

They are nearly ready to go to print; some papers are still missing (of
which some asked for more time, some other speakers are just black

If you would like to volunteer to proof read, that would be the perfect
time for it.

You can proof read for both, typography and content.  Typography would
be stuff like "are the urls Okay?" (last years I kille stuff like ~ and
_ in URLs), is everything printed correctly (e.g. come "verbatim"
environments might be problematic since they are to long).  Content
would be stuff like "is that paper understandable" and of course

But please, if you fix errors, please don't comitt to the svn without
telling me; I'm quite active working on that stuff.  I would prefer
normal patches send to me ;)

Most important thing I need to know:  Deadline!  When will they go to
print?  How much time may I spend on beautifying?  Could one of the
local team please enlighten me?  And what about the artwork for front
and backcover?

Yours sincerely,


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