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Re: [Debconf-team] Not-so-panic mail...

I'm glad to say your list is not being ignored, parts of it are even
being actively worked on! ;-)

Marcela Tiznado dijo [Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 01:52:37AM -0300]:
> We have *exactly* 30 days to debconf....(8 of them are weekend)
> This is a list of things Ive found that still not finished...
>  1. visas for some people comming

Still not definitive news on this, I'll limit myself to saying we
might be very close to making a very good advance :)

>  4, trip - where are we going decided? archeological place?  :)

Most probably, yes. I hope to have information (read: good news) on
this in less than a week.

>  7. internet ...
>     we *need* it the 6th may, how many days before we should call to tell the provider to install?
> If we should pay for 1 month at least, can we have it installed the 25th april? so they cut it the
> 25th may when everything is over....and we have some extra time just in case something happends?

Yes, I asked Jyr to pay it on Apr 20, so it's activated by 25, and
well tested by 6.

>  8. are we having formal dinner? what about some mariachis song?  ;)  maybe mexican hats and
> mariachis could be inspiration for the shirt....

We are. We have a couple of quotes for this... And some possible but
minor logistical problems ;-)

> 9. Wheel chair for handicapped people - we had some strange plans about this topic

Yes. Needs to be bought/rented. From the Wiki:
Somebody, please, contact them (yes, in .mx) and check.

> 10. howto get oaxtepec! with clear pictures, prices, recomendations, etc etc.

There are tons of information in the Wiki!

> 11. Phone where foreigners can call if they got lost...I think this is very important. Maybe we can
> just have somebody's mobile phone...or get one only for debconf.

I have given my phone number a number of times in the lists and the
wiki [1]

> 12. Are we having enought electricity for all? there was some limit about this topic...

I still want the confirmation of those that know (Ganneff is in the
group :) ). I remember we sent some of those numbers out - And if we
get the long, big, thick power cord from the auditorium to $wherever,
we should have no further problems.


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/GunnarWolf

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