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[Debconf-team] about participating in DebConf6

Dear friends

I have been planning to attend this year's DebConf6 and made quite an early registration.
I am not sure though whether I have been selected for any sponsorship or not
and this is quite cruicial in making my final decision since undretaking the whole expenses would be quite a burden for my finances. So I would be grateful to know in the first place if I am eligible for any sponsorship. This is also the reason that I have not yet reconfirmed
my participation.

On the other hand, even if eventually I was not able to attend DebConf6 I would like very much to help in some other way. Even more so for the reason that as the Debian community in Greece we have been thought seriously about organising DebConf7 next year in our country, It would be obviously very important to get familiar with such a demanding process and be part of it (already Faidon Liambiotis and Achilleas Kotsis have confirmed their participation and Faidon is going to present our case in DebConf6, as far as I know). It would be great if you could suggest some ways to get involved in DebConf6 even "remotely" so to speak. Like the rest of the members of the Greek Debian community, I am really excited about hosting DebConf7 in Greece and I am going to put all of my enthusiasm and energy in that effort. The experience that you have gathered in organising DebConf6 (like all those who have worked to make DebConfs a reality all these years) is going to be the most valuable guide for
us too.

Thanks for your attention and I am looking to hearing from you as soon as possible.
My best regards and wishes for a successful DebConf6 !!!

Emmanuel Galatoulas

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