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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: Moving sponsorship forward with some contacts

Joerg Jaspert wrote:

It is definitely possible to put a Firewire card in one of the slots but
we don't have the video encoding/broadcasting software; somebody else
will have to be in charge of installing the software and making it work.
We have enough space (however); if one TB is not enough please let me
know ASAP.

Does that mean we can change anything on that system, ie even completly
erasing and new installation?
I will backup the base prototype install so you can install whatever operating system you need. You can even install Debian if you want; you should have no problems with that.

The operating system root filesystem will be installed in a 1 GB compact flash that you can use as any other IDE hard drive. If you need more space you will need to start the RAID and create some LVM2 logical units so you can move /usr and other directories there....

Next tuesday I will now about 3Com's interest in sponsoring with 5
48-port switches. I don't know if they are interested in Debian at all
but there's another possibility (instead of the driver) that they could
be interested in having their logo printed in official materials (like
any other regular sponsorship).

For that they need to be fast (or t-shirts are in production).

I will let you know on tuesday afternoon.

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