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[Debconf-team] Moving sponsorship forward with some contacts


(Sending a copy to Patricio, Nahim, Emilio and Sandino, the guys I owe
this message to)

After a day filled with phone calls and a longish meeting, I must say
I am happy, although I don't have anything concrete to report. I will
share with you anyway :)

I don't know if we will be able to achieve anything real with Cisco. I
have catched the guy at the office a couple of times already, but I
feel he is avoiding the issue. We need some switches, though - I will
keep looking for him, but have no high hopes. Ok, leave this point in
the back of your mind, and remember it when reading the last

I got a call this morning from Patricio Páez, a friend and FS promotor
who works at HP (I should add, the expert on intellectual propiety
issues in our community). He gave me the contact data for Sergio López
Rojas, from the Servers division of HP, who told me he will probably
be able to lend us something. Sergio also gave me the phone number for
two of his coworkers, who might be able to get us printers and -who
knows- maybe even laptops.

I was at a meeting with some people of AMESOL, Presidencia de la
República [1] and Linux para Todos [2]. After the meeting, I asked
them all not to leave - They already knew about Debconf, and were
quite enthusiastic about helping us.

Linux Para Todos can provide us with some press, specially regarding
DebianDay. They are a known point for starting Linux users, and one of
them writes for the technology section of a national newspaper. I have
to get back to them, but they will gladly do whatever is in their

As for Presidencia, Emilio Saldaña is quite enthusiastic, and offered
some important contacts.

First, even though this is already requested to UPN, they will also
help us get cheap or free professional guides via the National
Institute for Anthropology and History. They also told me another
long-time friend of mine can be able to help us getting cheap or free
buses, which would be __great__.

Second, as for spreading the word on DebianDay, he will get us a space
in two emissions of the technological "capsules" in OnceTV, a very
good public TV station - The first one would be inviting people to
come to DebianDay (I'll give them the filmed material we have from
DC4, DC5 and the needed information), the second one will be a review
on how DC6 was once it is finished. Emilio asked me to give him a list
of people to interview for this. 

Third, Presidencia has a weekly podcast-like show dealing with Free
Software issues - They want to stream it from Oaxtepec, having some
interesting people and projects neaerby.

Fourth, just by Oaxtepec's door there is a "Centro Comunitario
e-México". They have -it seems, they have to double-check- a 1Mbps
satellite uplink. They will put me in touch with them, so we can at
least have them as a failover last resource link

I was asked by Sandino Araico for a 150x150 logo to put a DebianDay ad
in La Cofradía Digital [3], a very visible local Free Software portal.

Sandino also confirmed he will be lending us his storage server. This
server could even be used -I have to get the specs- as one of the
video team machines, if we see it more fit this way, and we have
enough servers not to need it as one of them. Sandino: Please give me
the specs again :) And don't forget your logo.

And as I was getting ready to close the day, Sandino called me again,
telling me that 3Com was interested in sponsoring us with up to 5 (to
be confirmed) 48-port gigabit switches. This has a strange condition
attached, though - They want one of our kernel hackers to work on a
driver for a new wireless card they have, but is still unsupported in
Linux. As far as Sandino understood, he would not have to sign a NDA
or such, but would have to commit to this - Do you have somebody in
mind that could do this? Of course, one (probably more) such cards
would be given (not lent) to this person - And (to our inside, at
least) we could see this neat hacker as a Debconf sponsor :)

Ok, time to go to sleep. Emilio, Sandino, Nahim: If I am mistaken on
some point or missed anything, please correct it!

[1] http://www.presidencia.gob.mx/, http://www.sip.gob.mx/,

[2] http://www.linuxparatodos.net/

[3] http://www.cofradia.org/

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