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[Debconf-team] Re: Moving sponsorship forward with some contacts

Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> Sandino also confirmed he will be lending us his storage server. This
> server could even be used -I have to get the specs- as one of the
> video team machines, if we see it more fit this way, and we have
> enough servers not to need it as one of them. Sandino: Please give me
> the specs again :) And don't forget your logo.
The AlposNAZ specs:
- Rackmount chassis 3U
- Triple redundant power source
- SATA backplane with trays for hot swap SATA disks
- 5 SATA 250 GB hard disks (1 TB RAID 5)
    The maximum capacity is 15 hard disks 500 GB each
    (7500 GB RAID 0, 7000 GB RAID 5, 6500 GB RAID 6)
- 1 AMD opteron dual core processor
    The maximum processing power is two dual core
    processors (4 Opteron cores total)
- Linux software RAID; no proprietary formats
- LVM 2 on top of Linux RAID
- Multi-protocol capable
    - iSCSI (blocks protocol)
    - NBD (blocks protocol, Linux only)
    - GFS (Sistina Global Filesystem, now Red Hat's)
    - NFS
    - SMB/CIFS
    - FTP
    - svn
    - HTTP/Webdav
- Kernel 2.6 with GR Security
- 2 Ethernet 10/100/1000 interfaces
    The Ethetnet interfaces use their own PCI bridge
- 2 PCI X 133 Mhz slots
    SATA controller will use one of them
- 1 PCI X 100 Mhz slot
- 2 PCIe x4 slots

It is definitely possible to put a Firewire card in one of the slots but
we don't have the video encoding/broadcasting software; somebody else
will have to be in charge of installing the software and making it work.
We have enough space (however); if one TB is not enough please let me
know ASAP.
> And as I was getting ready to close the day, Sandino called me again,
> telling me that 3Com was interested in sponsoring us with up to 5 (to
> be confirmed) 48-port gigabit switches. 
One of my business partners has been in contact with 3Com for a while in
the tipping point division. I have been in contact with them a couple of
times either.
3Com could be interested in sponsoring with network equipment; they are
definitely interested in someone developing the Linux driver for their
wireless card but I am not sure about time constraints since specs are
not complete. They have no money for the development of the driver (they
could have paid 6000 USD if they had the money), however they do have
money for marketing and they are interested in sponsoring international
meetings and conferences taking place in México. The problem with the
money are the time constraints; as we all know administrative people are
very slow to respond. We have borrowed netwotking equipment from them
before but not 48-port switches; however we know there's the possibility
to borrow the switches from them giving something in exchange like the
driver they need.
Next tuesday I will now about 3Com's interest in sponsoring with 5
48-port switches. I don't know if they are interested in Debian at all
but there's another possibility (instead of the driver) that they could
be interested in having their logo printed in official materials (like
any other regular sponsorship).
Any way, next tuesday I will know if 3Com is interested at all and if
possitive I will put them in direct contact with Gunnar Wolf.
> This has a strange condition
> attached, though - They want one of our kernel hackers to work on a
> driver for a new wireless card they have, but is still unsupported in
> Linux. As far as Sandino understood, he would not have to sign a NDA
> or such, but would have to commit to this - Do you have somebody in
> mind that could do this? Of course, one (probably more) such cards
> would be given (not lent) to this person - And (to our inside, at
> least) we could see this neat hacker as a Debconf sponsor :)
> Ok, time to go to sleep. Emilio, Sandino, Nahim: If I am mistaken on
> some point or missed anything, please correct it!
> [1] http://www.presidencia.gob.mx/, http://www.sip.gob.mx/,
>     http://www.softwarelibre.gob.mx/ 
> [2] http://www.linuxparatodos.net/
> [3] http://www.cofradia.org/

Sandino Araico Sánchez
Si no eres parte de la solución eres parte del precipitado.

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