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Re: [Debconf-team] budget woes

Hi all!

We have to save 12k, I think it's not so bad as it sounds :)

What I suggest, is make people choose 2 meals from the 3 promised, nobody would die for having to
pay for a meal or not having it. We have an average of 13290.20 USD per meal. Doing a quick guess
people would skip lunch which is the most expensive meal! :)

Maybe adding to comas the 3 options (breakfast, lunch, dinner) you can only choose 2 of those. I
would have no problem to print the food tickets/card with name allowing that person to only take
those meals. I think that would make people more confortable, some people can't live without
breakfast, and some people (me for example) never have breakfast.

If we choose the option we should tell the oaxtepec restaurant to have this in mind..that they would
probably get more people to eat..if they want to do some cheap Debconf menu.. would be good for them
and also for us.

Also about formal dinner...we can have a not-very-formal dinner, nobody will complain if money is
saved on that, I think.

Then, if we still need to save money, I think could be saved on the day trip, it's nice to have a
day trip, but nobody would die if is asked to pay 10US or so for that service, offer people to get
to reception and ask for daytrip-sponsorship if they really cant afford it, most people would just
pay it.

And one more idea, ask people to fill correctly when they arrive to oaxtepec, and when are they
leaving, maybe we should not care about their flights and ask people to fill that on some wiki. Many
people is comming before, or leaving after to do some turism....Ive checked the list and they are
not filling it correctly, this would also be messy for the room alocation. Maybe saying we are
really short on money would help to make people more careful on what they fill. On the list we have
10 people saying they arrive before debconf starts...maybe some of those are not going to be the 6th
in debcamp.

Well, these are my 2 argentinian pesos ;)

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Hi!
> * Andreas Schuldei <andreas@schuldei.org> [060329 23:52]:
>>That means that we need to find a way to save money.
>>We can for example limit the number of sponsored accommodation
>>and meals to 200, or not pay the breakfast, reapproach the people
>>with flight-sponsorship to reconsider and paying more (or all)
>>themselfs or skip the day trip (saves only ~5k).
> We just discussed that on irc.  It seems that the most usefull solution
> is to cancel the breakfast, since a) last years experience show that it
> isn't taken by many attendees anyway and b) those who would like to get
> breakfast can pay for it themself (and would need to pay for it at home
> anyway).
> Yours sincerely,
>   Alexander
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