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[Debconf-team] Re: wishlist features for the organizer interface of comas

On 10496 March 1977, Andreas Schuldei wrote:

> furthermore i would like a field to enter the ok'ed amount of
> sponsorhip. (munin should pick up the overall sum of ok'ed
> sponsorship, too. but that is a differnt story)

A field is there in the database. munin already looks for it, its just 0
right now. :)

> for sending out mass-mailings to a certain subgroup of
> paritcipants i would like to be able to select larger groups of
> paritipants (by search criteria plus including/excluding
> some individuals) plus a text to send to them.

spammer! :)

> some texts in the proposals have really awkward linebreaks, when
> submitters did not enter the paragraphs in one long line but
> entered linebreaks themselfs (and these linebreaks dont fit the
> width of our text field). can we fix that and remove those
> linebreaks in a smart way?

> for fast reading the text field of the abstract is too short. can
> it be bigger? will we need to edit it? it could just be
> displayed in full length, perhaps?

I made the textfield a bit larger now, looks better, should help with
both above.

> i would like other people beside gunnar to work on this, so that
> mroe get involved in comas. this would be an excellent entry
> point for future organizers (greek, england, south tirol...) 

Not only that, there are much more points which those can do. :)

bye Joerg
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