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[Debconf-team] COMAS keeps on resetting passwords

It seems that some typo in COMAS resets passwords to NULL for certain
users and I happen to be one of those. Ganneff suggested that I mail
about this here (all timestamps are in the East European zone):

(11:05:50) Ganneff: your passwd is empty again.
(11:05:56) Ganneff: so what exactly did you do in the last minute?
(11:06:48) Q-FUNK: Ganneff: requested a new password, logged in, changed
my password again
(11:06:57) Ganneff: so that set it to zero
(11:07:04) Ganneff: no passwd set, your passwd is NULL
(11:07:20) Q-FUNK: argh
(11:09:47) Q-FUNK: what would cause this, though? password exceeding 8
characters? username with an hyphen in it?
(11:09:59) Ganneff: dont know (yet)
(11:10:05) Ganneff: just looking into pg query log
(11:10:16) Q-FUNK: ok
(11:10:53) Ganneff: it explicitly set passwd = NULL in the query.
(11:11:09) Q-FUNK: ouch
(11:11:10) Ganneff: i think gunnar has a typo somewhere in the
processing of the input
(11:11:19) Q-FUNK: it indeed looks that way
(11:11:48) p2-mate: or it first sets the passwd to NULL and then to the
new value but somehow the 2nd step is never executed?
(11:12:15) Ganneff: no
(11:12:20) Ganneff: it has a long update statement
(11:12:28) Ganneff: where passwd is set to NULL and all other fields
also set
(11:14:06) Ganneff: Q-FUNK: can you post that to the team mailinglist
(debconf-team@lists.debconf.org) and cc gunnar?
(11:15:24) Ganneff: you can add that postgresql query logging is on for
a long time now, so he can exactly follow what happened in SQL there.

Martin-Éric Racine

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