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Re: Debconf6 dates: We _can_ move the dates

On 10453 March 1977, Neil McGovern wrote:

>> > This year, over 70% of the attendees arrived for Debconf, but not for
>> > Debcamp. If the people at Linuxtag miss a couple of days of Debcamp,
>> > it's not too much anyway.
>> Hehe, here Im talking for me, as I planned to do work in both orga
>> teams. :)
> I'm sure you can turn up a couple of days late :)

Not if I want to continue the orga stuff in both teams, as I atm plan to
play with the network at Debconf. :)

> Ok, I propose we start debcamp on the 6th. This seems the best
> compromise :)

Hrm, how about a move of 2 or 3 days, to the 8 or 9? :)

Well, in the end it looks like i will need to decide between both

bye Joerg
Some NM:
>  3. How do you manage new upstream releases?
yes i manage them.

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