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Re: Debconf6 dates: We _can_ move the dates

Joerg Jaspert dijo [Sun, Oct 23, 2005 at 12:48:44AM +0200]:
> > It will be May 6-22. I just requested to check the availability - If
> > there is any strong reason _NOT_ to move, please tell me right away,
> > as I plan on sending the confirmation on Monday.
> Umm, LinuxTag is from 3. til 6. May, so it would be good to move it two
> weeks.
> So 13 May til 29.
> Or in the other direction, so it ends around 29. April.
> In any way, it should be a bit of time between those too, if we can move
> that far, as it is a bit far from LinuxTag to Debconf, travel-wise. :)

Hmmmm... That's quite harder, IMHO. First of all, that's high season
(Spring vacations) in Mexico, so it would become sensibly more
expensive. Second, I doubt we would have the place basically all for
ourselves. Third, that leaves us with much less time to prepare.

I think starting on the 6 would be fine, even for people at Linuxtag -
This year, over 70% of the attendees arrived for Debconf, but not for
Debcamp. If the people at Linuxtag miss a couple of days of Debcamp,
it's not too much anyway.


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