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Re: Debconf6 dates: We _can_ move the dates

On 10450 March 1977, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> I just got an answer from Oaxtepec - We can move the
> conference. Andreas: I understand it is not vital for us to do this,
> but I do think the Linuxtag people have a valid point. We have no
> reason _not_ to move one week.

Thanks, thats good news.

> It will be May 6-22. I just requested to check the availability - If
> there is any strong reason _NOT_ to move, please tell me right away,
> as I plan on sending the confirmation on Monday.

Umm, LinuxTag is from 3. til 6. May, so it would be good to move it two
So 13 May til 29.
Or in the other direction, so it ends around 29. April.
In any way, it should be a bit of time between those too, if we can move
that far, as it is a bit far from LinuxTag to Debconf, travel-wise. :)

bye Joerg
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