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Re: October 16 Debconf6 meeting

Joerg Jaspert dijo [Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 08:18:32AM +0200]:
> http://ganneff.de/debconf-meeting-okt-05.log

Thanks! Finished processing it - Most of it, I discussed it already in
the non-meeting we had on Tuesday, where mostly everybody was there :)

> > Regarding moving Debconf because of Linuxtag: Well... It _is_ an
> > important conference, where Debian (speficically German-speaking
> > Debian) has always had an important presence. However, it is not easy
> > to move Debconf - I already confirmed the reservation dates with the
> > Oaxtepec people. It _could_ be moved, yes, but I would avoid it if I
> > could, as it can be a political problem, and we want the best possible
> > relationship with Oaxtepec.
> Well, *I* (and a lot of other european DDs I know) really think it would
> be *very* good to move, so maybe a friendly "can we" in this early phase
> may work.

I agree. Even if LinuxTag became somehting completely undesirable for
most of us, we don't lose much by asking Oaxtepec to move us one
week... I am cut off the world for some (more :-/ ) days, as I am
taking a networking seminar where we have no network access (!)... But
I asked Claudia (Claudia, are you reading?) to call Oaxtepec and ask
if we can do this.

> I just got a mail from Jonathan, that I will have access to the machine
> (a new one for it!) hosting debconf.org, so we can manage that. Ie
> shell-access and we can install whatever we need.
> So I vote to keep it on one machine. :)

Ok... I still like having physical access and a 100Mbps connection to
the site from my office ;-) But I can live with that!


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