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Re: October 16 Debconf6 meeting

Neil McGovern dijo [Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 11:45:08PM +0100]:
> <uk info>
> Flights from the UK seem only to run to Mexico City (assuming the
> location is Oaxtepec).
> They're offered by (in order or approx. price):
> British Airways
> Lufthansa
> Air France
> American Airlines
> I'll probably be using a load of air miles to pop over, so I'll be happy
> to call around most of these if I get an idea of numbers.
> </uk info>

Well, for travelling from .mx to Europe, usually Spain/France are
cheapest using Aeromexico/Mexicana, Central-Western Europe via KLM
(sometimes Air France), UK with British. I have never travelled with
Lufthansa. And I cannot reccommend American Airways to anybody, as I
don't like friends being treated as terrorists.

> However, we really need to get an idea of dates before flights can be
> booked, as it's approching the optimum time to book them.

Yes, predicting that is quite tricky and, I think, almost stocastic :(

> I'll defer to .mx people for this, because I'm not sure on the political
> situation.

Well... The political situation should be stable. I am just a bit too
cautious on the paranoid side - and besides, it is a good argument in
order to have Debconf in May instead of July. We have better weather
in May ;-)

I am worried about our politics, yes. Quite worried. But you should be
quiet on that front :)


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