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Re: October 16 Debconf6 meeting


On Tuesday 18 October 2005 03:21, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> As the first point in my mail: Please, please, pretty pretty
> please... Can we change the meeting schedule? In the August meeting,

I support this. Personally I dont care that much, but you've made pretty clear 
that the current date doesnt fit you well and we need you at the meetings, 
so... let's move it.

I'm fine with sundays at 16 UTC (or earlier) or another time in the week. 
Maybe again on mondays at 19 UTC ?

> Regarding moving Debconf because of Linuxtag: Well... It _is_ an
> important conference, where Debian (speficically German-speaking
> Debian) has always had an important presence. However, it is not easy
> to move Debconf - I already confirmed the reservation dates with the
> Oaxtepec people. It _could_ be moved, yes, but I would avoid it if I
> could, as it can be a political problem, and we want the best possible
> relationship with Oaxtepec. 

I would suggest having a dedicated short irc meeting about this topic/issue, 
this I doubt this issue can be solved / agreed over mail. And I would 
suggest, that you, Gunnar, propose a date+time here. As we also should try to 
solve this issue ASAP I would be happy with a short meeting tomorrow evening 
or thursday evening, it should only be announced at least 24h in advance 
(which is difficult but doable for tomorrow ;-)

Maybe this is too much panic. Maybe it's more sensible if you, Gunnar, ask the 
Oaxtepec people first and then announce this meeting after you spoke to them.

> Besides, if we are planning starting  Debcamp on April 29, Debconf proper 
> would start on the 6/7th. Having many Europeans together, we could even have 
> a Debian packed  transatlantic flight. It might be quite cheaper.

(Linuxtag is scheduled for may, 3rd to 6th.) 

now some minor remarks:

> Regarding Comas/Website integration: Well... Up to now, Comas has
> handled plain-text passwords. And that's clearly not a feature, but
> bug. I can keep it like that, but I would prefer storing only MD5s. We
> could share _sessions_ between Comas and the website. 

At debconf5 we also kept the login information (for LDAP as well for wlan 
auth) inside comas, but we had to login in our comas account to fetch the 
other account information. For debconf6 I would prefer to share the LDAP 
between comas, website and for the machines we'll provide in Oaxtepec. 

> Wouldn't it be better to have most of the content generated 
> by people specifically allowed to do so, with possibly a Wiki-type
> structure (with public access) inside? That would save us from this
> multiple identification stuff. Historically, how many people really
> used Drupal for DC5? DC4?

I think it's best if everybody (with a dc6 login) is allowed to 
generate/modify content. Lower the barriers for participation and you'll get 
more participation.

> H01ger: I agree on requiring https for any authenticated access to
> Comas/website/whatever. Public information, however, can perfectly
> travel on cleartext.


> Greetings - And, honest, sorry-sorry-sorry again.

greetings back and apology fully accepted :-)

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