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Re: Debconf 6 during the Linuxday in Germany

* Alexander Wirt <formorer@formorer.de> [2005-10-19 11:27:34]:
> > That said, even people who used to work on LinuxTag are
> > disappointed by its recent turns and recommend not moving debconf
> > for it. So this is ambigous.
> This is no valid point. We are dedicated to our users and I still expect >
> 10.000 people joining the linuxday. But maybe this is no more valid for
> debian. Sad but true.

I cant follow the underlying logic for this polarized view. Do
you suggest that, if we NOT move debconf, ALL DDs will come to
debconf and not LinuxTag and debian users who come to Linuxtag so
meet DDs would be forsaken?

I think in real life something in between would happen: a part of
the DDs would go to debconf, some would go to Linuxtag, some
users would (and others would not) come to Linuxtag and those
that come there would meet. Perhaps it would be less people
listening to the talks at LT (but then some talks had only very
few people listening, anyway) and perhaps there would be less

In Mexico, there would be some less DDs (5-10, i honestly dont
think more) and we would miss them. (Could someone interested
please undertake the efford and start a wiki page with people who
would not be able to come because of this?)

All that would be unfortunat but not be fatal. 

On the bright side, the debian booth at linuxtag would be less


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